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Frequently asked Homeopathy questions

Alternative medicine, around since the late 1700s. It uses simple substances to heal disorder in the body. In its purest form, a plant, mineral, or animal remedy is provided to an unwell individual to spark the body’s own ability to heal itself. Homeopathy focuses on what your body does with that spark, not on the medicine itself.

A homeopathic remedy is a substance provided to the body at the lowest dosing amount necessary to provide just a spark for the body’s healing capacity to begin correcting itself.

Schedule for an initial consultation. A 1-2 hour meeting will take place, whether in person or over a media platform. The client (if verbal) and the parent of the client are asked a series of questions to get to the heart of the case. After the meeting, the practitioner will determine a good remedy match to help with healing. The prescription for the remedy is made and sent to the client.

This is an individualized medicine. Some people report next day shifts and some report a shift a month into treatment. It depends on the vitality of the body and the rate of action in the selected remedy.

Unlike western medicine, homeopathic remedies do not come with a list of side effects. Homeopathy is a gentle medicine. A former symptom can return and as well, a current symptom can be aggravated when the body is healing. But this means the body is open to responding to this remedy. Two examples might be red flushed cheeks are hotter than normal or restlessness is heightened for a time.

HP involves using homeopathic remedies called “nosodes” to stimulate and educate the immune system toward the infectious disease process. Nosodes are made from pure disease agents only: no adjuvants, growth mediums, or preservatives. HP serves to engage the immune system to the environment, which normalizes ones’ relationship to bacteria and viruses. HP stimulates the immune process towards infectious contagious disease while preserving children’s health. HP enhances normal childhood development through gentle immunological stimulation with pure disease energy. https://freeandhealthychildren.org/2020/08/03/what-is-hp/