What are the basics of Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a holistic medicine system that works with your body to stimulate its inner healing processes. In other words, it’s not the medicine that is shown powerful…it helps your body to show off its ability to heal itself! Many ask does homeopathy really work? The answer is yes. Efficacy studies are available and accessible but more are needed for sure. Homeopathy has been known to start speech in children who’ve never spoken before, heal the flu, diminish symptoms of autism (like OCD behaviors for example), and assist in progressing a pregnant woman in labor. There are MANY powerful healing outcomes observed from homeopathic medicines- these are just a few. Homeopathic remedies typically come in liquid or pellet form and are not addictive. Once relief occurs, one should no longer take the product- its all about the minimum dose. If no relief is felt, it is likely this remedy was not the best match for your symptoms and a different remedy is needed.

If interested in homeopathic care, new client paperwork can be downloaded from this website and an appointment can be scheduled with your homeopathic practitioner. An initial consultation takes typically 1-2 hours and after that the case is analyzed and a remedy prescribed. Follow-up appointments are typically 15-45 minutes as scheduled as needed (once per week, once per month, once every six months, etc). If there are further questions regarding homeopathy, please use the CONTACT US link on this website to inquire.