She was 22 months old, non-verbal, and what I would call asocial. There was no eye contact. We had daily breakdowns multiple times per day. We went into therapy not knowing what we needed, not knowing what we were going to get. We knew we needed help.

It was fascinating to us. Someone understood our child better than we did, which was really enlightening. That gives you cause for hope. In a world of her own, it took all of the first few sessions to say I'm witnessing something that "I don't comprehend. I just don't understand what I'm working with." What I learned... was how to be a better parent to a child that needed a different style of parenting. The old ways don't work with this particular child. There's a lot of coaching that Ms Stacy offers that honestly we needed desperately and we couldn't find elsewhere.

Recognition of the world around her (was lacking). I would use the term asocial- she didn't even acknowledge that there were people in the room, other kids, other adults- literally in her own world. For us... the most dramatic impact...was her recognizing that there were other people in this world. My daughter looking at me for the first time, eye to eye, it's hard to not be emotional thinking of that moment.

I have a social child now, who sings and wants us to dance together. Therapy... it has fundamentally changed what we have and what we're working with. Therapy helps us to prepare the external world (and others) for what might trigger an event with (her). One of the largest things that we probably ever learned about was transition. I didn't even understand what that meant in the beginning (changes throughout our day, disappointments). There are little things we can do everyday to prepare her. The biggest change? She's become desensitized to all the triggering events. Ninety percent of all the triggering events she had two years ago just don't exist today so that's been a huge change for our family.

Vince Castro

When our son wasn’t walking at 13 months… we decided to reach out to Stacy because we knew that she was an expert in this area and we totally trusted her opinion. She assured us we shouldn’t really be too worried… but she did give us some exercises that were just really simple practical things we could do to try and encourage him to walk. Within a week he was walking! And we were just so thankful for her follow up and her feedback throughout the process. She asked us to record our son and send us the videos and she would comment and give us other little things we could do to try to help. It was just such a blessing to our family and really put our minds at ease. So, if you’re questioning a developmental milestone with your child or looking for someone to help you and have questions or concerns about your child’s development, Stacy is definitely the person I would go to. She is great. She’s a great communicator. She will send you feedback. She will follow up and check in on you. And she’ll make sure you’re just completely comfortable with where your child is at and give you all the right tools that you need so I definitely recommend Stacy.”

Amy Riojas

We have been with Stacy for six years. She is the best OT we have ever had! My boys have made so many improvements over the years. She is incredibly patient and has an uncanny way of figuring out how to get each of them to want to work hard for her! My youngest son loves to “play” with Ms. Stacy and gets so excited when it’s his turn with her. She insists on them doing the hard work, but makes it fun and gives them so much praise when they try their best (even if they aren’t able to complete the task). Stacy is also great about incorporating speech goals into her sessions with my boys. Whether it’s social thinking/conversation or learning how to make a sound or sign (ASL), those tasks were worked on at some point during the session. It’s helped my boys to generalize their skills better. I’m SOOOO glad that we found Stacy!! She’s been an incredible blessing to our family!

Krista Floyd

Stacy has helped (my son) with his confidence, with his gross and fine motor skills, with his balance and coordination, his overall development. It's so much more than OT. She's given him just a genuine bond. I think when parents are looking for therapists, it's hard to find someone that we trust with our kids, as much as we love and care for them, we want to find that in others and we found that in Stacy. She sends video updates and that helps us to know what to do at home and... things we need to be working on, so that's such a huge bonus. I would definitely recommend her to anyone searching for an occupational therapist because what she does with these kids is phenomenal. It's been such a blessing to our family!

Lauren Rump

By far the best OT my son has seen, Stacy was his therapist for 4 1/2 years of his 9 years of therapy. She is creative; new tasks she would come up with, he always enjoyed. A great motivator, she challenged him when he thought something was "too hard", providing positive feedback so he could reach his goals. He truly respected her, would do his best to make her proud, loved to tell her things he accomplished outside of therapy. Stacy also combined his school work with therapy... vocabulary, spelling, handwriting skills. Her eagerness for my son to succeed, coupled with her positive and fun spirit, made her a joy to work with! I would highly recommend Stacy for any occupational therapy needs!”

Jane Bolton